The Real Housewives of New Jersey S04E05

It’s really concerning as to how obsessesed Jacquline is with her body and face. She absolutely obsesses about what shoe looks like. I am not sure about this girl. Analysing now. She has had two breast reductions – how HUGE were they?? She is sweet but’ I want to do that laser thing that burns the fat and tightens the skin at the same time‘ – who the fuck has ever heard of that!! OBSESSeSd. Get It! – Jacqueline Laurita


Caroline Manzo:
‘She’s trying to create an illusion its a positive she doesn’t want us to know its a positive, mean while the poor guy that called her a fucking bitch on camera and garbage too reached out to her. Teresa always has to blame someone for something as long as she is the victim’ – WTF!! Are you talking about?

Chris Laurita:
Jacqueline is naive, some people can be trusted some people can’t be trusted. I don’t think she can decipher the difference between the two. Who can be trusted Chris tell us?

Melissa Gorga:
I don’t know why Joe’s not coming. Maybe he’s busy, maybe he doesn’t like us.

You Got It!

Thank you Jesus!

Lauren Manzo:
When we have parties with our family and not someone else’s family we have soooo much fun and there is not an ounce of drama maybe we should learn to keep it that was cos I am really sick and tired of the bullshit of that one crying downstairs [Gia] and that one talking in a little huddle [Melissa/Kathy]! Nice person!


Are reality housewives holding the string to their own guillotine?

If your a fan of the Housewives you may have come across a couple of blogs dedicated to the subject matter. They have become celebrity in their own right.  An acronym here SH and acronym there AATRH. . One blog that holds no bars is this one. This site makes no apologies as to whose team they are on. The interesting thing is who the hell is behind this blog? Is it some one who is in the know? One can never know what the truth is with these women we see a couple of minutes out of hours and hours of footage. Footage that has got me heated, bewildered and disgusted

I have got on a couple of sites and done a bit of slagging and quite honestly felt terrible about it afterwards. These people are human but one thing i cannot stand is criticizing someones kids or parenting styles. Behind computer screens people are horrid, the sad thing, the really sad thing is that in front of cameras people are horrid. Horrid sees – horrid does?

Are those smashing or getting narky at a reality star on their computers prepared to do it to their face?

Are these reality stars just open for the slather? Mounting themselves on the chopping block? Holding the string to the guillotine even?

Teresa Giudice – Real Housewives of New Jersey


Like they say ‘It’s delicious and juicy’ hard to resist this new phenomena of women and casting our harshest most judgmental thoughts upon them. Buckle Up ladies, Buckle Up and for god sakes if someone pisses you off on twitter put your big girl panties on.. GET IT!! Thank you Jesus!

The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Season 1 Episode 10.

The Vancouver ladies are a little more sophisticated I must say then those in earlier franchises. Except well Jody, Jody, Jody!

Christina confesses insinuates to Mary that she shagged Mia (Jody the younger )- oh the juice!

Jody is the most friggen pretentious person yet! Where do they find these women?

Why can’t we all just get along?

Life is not looking good in the New Jersey Housewives clan. Jacqueline has just tweeted a gazzilion images of her mobile. It has messages from Teresa. It is all a bit mumbo jumbo and hard to completely understand.

What i am gathering is that

a) Jacqueline is really pissed off with Teresa and believes that she was behind the Melissa used to be a stripper rumour/set up (who cares (about the stripper gig!) – more power to Melissa)

b) someone has said that Jacqueline released a photo of Joe Giudice having a meal with another women (big deal)

c) Jacqueline is losing her shit on Twitter ans showing a text from Teresa through tweetpix.Jacqueline is pissed off!

Beverly HIlls Housewives

Well we have just seen another episode of the Beverly Hills housewives. This show keeps making me squirm in my skin.

Kim seemed to be totally WASTED when going with Adrienne to see her Basketball team play. Adrienne is so amazingly graceful and diplomatic. It was blatantly clear Kim was off her chops and Paul called it first but Adrienne just had her poker face on. She probably is the ONLY person on the Bravo Brand that has some self awareness which equates to her having her shit together. I guess growing up as she has, with that kind of wealth she would be very guarded and I have no doubt her parents bought her up with a ‘air’ or Kennedyism (meaning her parents would often say ‘you are a Maloof this is how you behave and don’t speak necessarily to or about people.’) who knows!

Taylor is again having drama’s, she is so lost. Lisa is very switched on as she says, Taylor is seeing all these therapists and life counselors but really she just needs a friend. Taylor never ceases to amaze me as she states her and her now deceased husband decided she would not talk about her marriage to her friends (or on national TV for that matter). Well good conclusion Taylor it took you this long to realise that marriage is a PRIVATE matter between wife and husband.

The most embarrassing part of the show was how the women acted when Brandi entered the scene. I remember last season when the very perceptive but verbally evil Alison DuBois said that Kyle was the kind of Bitchy girl in high school that would have tortured so many girls so badly they would have taken their lives. Well didn’t that side of Kyle come out at her charity function! I mean it was awful to watch. You had Taylor who was befriending the girl then running over to her squabble of friends and insulting her (a trait that was bought up last season to by Kim i think) I tell you what these women are showing you exactly how NOT to behave. We should be nice to one another. There is just so much insecurity and bitching it’s like a car crash i know i shouldn’t look but i just can’t help myself!

Jacqueline Laurita left the Housewives of New Jersey?

It’s all over the net that Jacqueline did not show up to the Reunion show for the housewives this week. I am devastated. She gives such a fun air to the show. It seems that she is just not into the ‘drama’ the show presents. The infamous Posche fashion show appeared to be the catalyst for Mrs Laurita walking away and so far not looking back, tweeting: “2b honest.I’m tired of the BS &shitty low life people.I didn’t know this was what I signed up 4.I have 2rise above&move on.”

Jacqueline Laurita - twitterOh Jacqueline the show is not going to be half as much fun with out you there. You are my all time favourite! You are going to have to get your own show doing something awesome.

Is Teresa really this bad? I generally have a soft spot for her and have thought that Bravo has been giving her the rough end of the stick  but as i read more and more press, blogs, tweets etc things are not looking in her favour.

I was on the Bravo site the other day and reading the comments to Kathy Wakile’s blogs and i came across this one:

Submitted by Ft Worth on September 27, 2011.

I keep waiting for the day that ONE SINGLE HOUSEWIFE writes “Gosh. Watched myself on TV and saw what a jerk I looked like. I could have handled THAT one better.” Still hasn’t happened….guess I’ll keep waiting…

Bloody Brilliant!

Keep in touch with Jacqueline here.

Beverly Hills – Taylor Armstrong – Episode 3: Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows

I have been thinking about Taylor over the past days. I know it’s never good to knock someone when they are down, please don’t see it this way. I am just expressing my thoughts with fellow viewers.
I am starting to agree with Lisa that Taylor is always the victim. I am not denying that something may have happened in her marriage but she does play a poor me card. Her breakdown in this episode is really difficult to watch. After reading numerous articles on the Armstrong’s business dealings and thinking about Taylor’s comments over the past seasons I have come to the conclusion that she is a fraud. Its come out in so many areas in the show.

It appears Taylor has this ridiculous need to keep up this lifestyle that is not her, she cannot afford and if stories on the internet are true it appears as though she has swindled people to get the material goods that she thinks are so important. She has absolutely lost herself and places so much importance on things that are not important. Taylor went around telling everyone that Adrienne was Kennedy’s godmother¬† – yet this was all bull. On the Reunion show Adrienne just squashed that statement.
Why did Taylor say that? Because of the prestige of the Maloof name?
She is having a breakdown because she has lied so much, she just does not know what is going on or who she is, she is totally lost. She behaved terribly towards Kim last season in which she finally admitted on this episode.
Last season when she was doing a video blog she said something along the lines of ‘ I want to show these battered women that they too can have a life in Beverly Hills.’ She does seems to have life all mixed up!
I also read something about her and rehab recently. She needs this big time. Taylor needs to find herself again. She has just lived such a delusional masquerade for so long. I would just hope that someone of her age understood what was important, it’s not money and status. Although Adrienne and Lisa are swimming in both they have a level of realism, compassion, humility and, appear to genuinely care for those around them.
The most important thing is being true to yourself and not deceiving others because in the end you are deceiving yourself.
It was totally inappropriate for her to talk to Kyle about Lisa (multiple times this season) having full knowledge that Kyle and Lisa were good friends. Again stirring the pot. She should have directed these thoughts to a neutral person – but of course Kyle did not play into it.

Taylor is really damaged on so many levels. So much so that this season is difficult to watch.
She has been caught out so many times, I find anything she says hard to believe. The most important thing in the world to her is money and what other people think – Very Sad! I hope she does go to rehab or a health farm and finds her true self. I am sure deep down she will learn to forgive and like herself.

Skinny Italian & Fabulicious

Skinny Italian - Teresa Giudice

Skinny Italian - Teresa Giudice

I just ordered the copies of Skinny Italian and Fabulicious through ebay! What a bargain $10 each! To buy those books in Australia you would at least be looking at $30 each and that is not even a hard cover. I cannot wait to get them. Having my first family Christmas at my house this year.

The Housewives have definitely bred and importance of family in me.

Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline has always been my favourite, she is super goofy and is one hot mama. I have to say i was a little disappointed with her attitude about laying out in a bikini. She is super hot and i hoped that her confidence was better then what she has shown. When she was boxing with Lauren and co she looked amazing, she has worked hard since having Nicholas. Super inspiring for me. Not every man (or woman) for that matter like a perfectly skinny only women, a little bit of flesh is sexy and when i refer to Jacqueline i mean little – that girl is tiny!

Seeing her with Ashley is frustrating. Jacqueline does seem to have little digs at Ashley but Ashley is so rude to her mum. Ashley is the kind of girl that has to go and work it out for herself. She will come around but i expect it might take a good 10 years of paying bills before she contemplates how good she actually had it- well that’s how it worked out for me.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa is having a hard one this year. I do not think she is as bad as other people would comment. I actually really like her. I have marathoned Season 3 a couple of times already since it’s been out and i have to say Teresa is getting a lot stick. Firstly i think Caroline is quite rude to Teresa, the way that she talks to her is inappropriate, she acts as some kind of authoritarian. Not to say her advise is bad but her delivery can be shocking. Caroline has kind of put Teresa in a box and fails to see the effort she is putting in.

There is more going on with Teresa and her family then what we see on the screen and i think Teresa has dealt with it all quite well. As I write this the group are on the Punta Cana trip. Kathy was rude to Teresa, she always brings up the kids and it is a soft spot for T in fact it’s a soft spot for all mothers. Saying that she didn’t want to detach from her kids to Teresa was a dig and it was unnecessary. Teresa probably doesn’t want to work like all the other spoilt women on the show but she has to. Any mother feels guilty working away from their kids. Her cousin does not have to dig it in. And Kathy does always bring up Teresa’s kids. T replied by saying she would never bring up the kids and she doesn’t. Although she is a firecracker her and Joe are coping a lot of shit from the extended family. Like Jacqueline’s psychic said she has daggers coming from everywhere and we are all seeing it!


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